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We combine 30 years of real world experience building and combine with intelligent data to create wins for our clients.


Botdorf Research believes that information and knowledge combined with real world experience are the key to mitigating complex problems and/or optimizing our client objectives. We know that deep dive research backed by over 35 years of in the trench experience across multiple industries has not only been the key on six startups we grew from seed to exit, but also is the key to every project.

Botdorf Research was formed in 2016 to provide Deep Dive Research for private companies, banks, hedge Funds, UHNW investors,  insurance companies and public companies. Each project is very unique and we use a custom approach tailored to match the challenges of each assignment. The Company has also consulted on raising funds for private enterprises in different industries and building public/private schools.

Botdorf Research also produces an annual in depth US Economic Report which is released on Dec 20th for the  succeeding  year. The background of Mr. Botdorf, the Managing Principal, includes advising family offices for 19 years and  later founding or co-founding companies in the software, manufacturing, cellular, high tech, and the real estate industry. In these roles he acted  as the Founder, CEO, Chairman or VP/Managing Director. Mr. Botdorf has closed deals with over 45 Fortune 500 Companies where he acted as the lead negotiator on asset purchases, sales, joint ventures, licensing, and special project consulting. He has also closed over $1.2B in M&A, leasing, institutional real estate projects, and the sale of his own companies.


The founding principal of Botdorf Research Group, John C Botdorf founded his first company Ace Landscaping at age 15 in the canyons of Beverly Hills, CA. He sold the company while in college and began a career as a Director/VP of Acquisitions for three prestigious family offices in California and Colorado. Mr. Botdorf went on to found American Cellular at age 28 and later resold the Company to GTE for $36M, resulting in $22M in profits to the 22 shareholders on a one time investment of $230,000.

Mr. Botdorf was later recruited as the Managing Director/Partner of Crown Pointe Center, a 420 acre real estate project in Parker, Co. He served on multiple local committees and Boards to oversee the land development and sale of multiple parcels that resulted in the development of over 700,000 square feet of mixed use commercial, retail (Costco), a Hospital, office, and apartment buildings. The project netted over $25M in profits to the principals.

Mr. Botdorf went on to acquire Booster Pac in 1992, a Canadian Manufacturer of a portable battery used to jump start car batteries in the cold winters of the northeast. After stream lining the IP,  opening the US market, and expanding into 28 other countries, the Company was sold to Pent Air in a roll up with a local Minnesota manufacturer. The Sale resulted in a substantial return to shareholders. During this time, Mr. Botdorf also closed on a significant amount of commercial real estate brokerage deals in multiple states on behalf of his clients.

Mr. Botdorf went onto purchase and co-found Zero Nines Technology, Inc in 2001 in a turnaround opportunity. He served as the CFO and Executive Chairman from 2001 through 2015. During his tenure Mr. Botdorf raised over $15M on six rounds of capital, instituted and oversaw the  annual audits, wrote the annual shareholder letter, manage over 265 accredited investors, and handled the legal affairs of the company. He also co-founded Zen Vault (a medical SaaS) and oversaw an SEC Reg A, where he managed over 320 comments in order to get qualified.  He left in December of 2015 to pursue other projects, travel for research, and oversee his family’s financial interests. The Company is still operational today under the name of ZeroDown Technology.

In 2017, Mr. Botdorf was in an accident in California requiring hospitalization and several medical procedures. During this downtime to focus on physical rehab, he researched and authored five books and earned an MBA with distinction in 2020 from Grand Canyon University.

Mr. Botdorf released his fifth book, “Extraterrestrial Existence: What do we Really Know?” in November of 2023. He will be releasing his sixth book, “Mastering A.I. and the Metaverse” in late 2024. He has also been an inventor for over 20 years and currently holds several “active lifestyle patents” built for the active consumer and B2B markets. Mr. Botdorf has received critical acclaim and dozens of offers for his books and inventions that have garnered several awards. He is now back to traveling half of the year and works on his ranch property during the summer months.

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